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New Intel Open FPGA Stack or OFS and eASIC N5X Add...

New Intel Open FPGA Stack or OFS helps developers get going faster with FPGAs and the eASIC N5X is a new structured ASIC product

Intel Stratix 10 with Optane DCPMM DDR4 and UPI Pictured

We found the Intel Stratix 10 FPGA development board with Optane DC Persistent Memory and a UPI connection in our trip to Korea

Intel Stratix 10 Adds UPI and PCIe Gen4 Readying for CXL

The Intel Stratix 10 adds UPI for cache coherent connectivity with Xeon CPUs along with PCIe Gen4. Intel also hints at an Agilex with CLX and PCIe Gen5

Intel Stratix 10 TX Launch for Communications Markets

Designed for the telecom equipment market, the Intel Stratix 10 TX variant provides 58G transceivers for next-generation 5G network equipment

New Intel Stratix 10 MX FPGA with HBM2

Intel has a new high-performance FPGA solution. The Intel Stratix 10 MX FPGA integrates HBM2 for up to 512GB per second of memory bandwidth

Intel Stratix 10 FPGA Now Shipping with over 10 TFLOPs

The new monster Intel Stratix 10 FPGA is now shipping with up to 10 TFLOPs of single precision DSP performance and over 5.5 million logic elements