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Intel Xeon D-2700 Onboard QuickAssist QAT Acceleration Deep-Dive

We show the impact of Intel QAT in the Intel Xeon D-2700 series to see why this acceleration matters in the embedded market

Intel QuickAssist in Ice Lake Servers What You Need to Know

Intel QuickAssist hardware acceleration offers massive performance gains. We run through compression, VPN, and nginx to see the impact

MaxLinear Panther III is a Fake DPU at FMS 2022

The MaxLinear Panther III shown at FMS 2022 is clearly not a DPU even though the product shown was advertised as one.

Intel Accelerates Messaging on Acceleration Ahead of Sapphire Rapids Xeon

This week, Intel accelerated its acceleration messaging ahead of its upcoming Sapphire Rapids Xeon server CPU launch

Netgate 4100 pfSense Plus Router-Firewall-VPN Appliance Review

In our Netgate 4100 review, we see what this pfSense Plus-based router, firewall, VPN box and more offers including Intel QAT support

Intel QuickAssist Parts and Cards by QAT Generation

We have a guide looking at the Intel QuickAssist cards and parts by generation. This is Intel's main crypto and compression acceleration tech

Silicom M20E3ISLB is Intel QuickAssist PCH for a 2.5in U.2 Drive...

The Silicom M20E3ISLB adds an Intel Lewisburg PCH to a U.2 drive slot adding hot-swappable QuickAssist crypto and compression acceleration

Intel Atom C5000 and P5000 Acceleration Including Networking and QAT

We have the breakdown of the Intel Atom C5000 and P5000 acceleration features including networking and QuickAssist Technology or QAT

QuickAssist Driver for FreeBSD is Here and pfSense Support Coming

The Intel QuickAssist driver for FreeBSD is finally here and pfSense support is coming soon says the company behind the popular firewall software

Intel QuickAssist Technology and OpenSSL – Benchmarks and Setup Tips

We benchmarked high-end Intel QuickAssist Technology (QAT) cards with OpenSSL 1.1 to see what the performance impacts were. We also share our setup tips