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IBM POWER10 Searching for the Holy Grail of Compute

In this article, we discuss the new IBM Power10 features and how it is approaching the holy grail of computing with a disaggregated design

IBM Open Sources Power ISA and Aligns OpenPower to Linux Foundation

IBM open-sources the Power ISA and aligns OpenPower to Linux Foundation putting together what may be the new front-runner in future x86 competitors

IBM Power9 Advanced IO at Hot Chips 31

At Hot Chips 31 (2019) we got a look at the IBM Power9 Advanced IO chip which brings PCIe Gen4, next-gen NVIDIA NVLink, and OMI memory to the platform

Supermicro P9DSU-C Based IBM POWER9 Server Spotted with Xilinx FPGAs

At Xilinx XDF we saw a Supermicro Power9 based server behind the IBM LC922 2U dual IBM Power9 solution. This demo system paired the Supermicro P9DSU-C platform with a Xilinx Alveo FPGA card to show off what the two can accomplish together.
Raptor Systems Talos II Lite With Xilinx Alveo Cover

Raptor Computing Systems Talos II Lite POWER9 with Xilinx Alveo

At XDF18 we saw a Raptor Computing Systems Talos II Lite which is the company's single-socket POWER9 solution that retails for around $1099. This was featured with a Xilinx Alveo FPGA PCIe card for a unique solution

Raptor Computing Systems Blackbird Supports up to 8 Core POWER9

Raptor Computing Systems Blackbird Supports up to 8 core POWER9 but sheds a large number of features in an attempt to drive down costs

IBM POWER9 E950 and E980 Servers Launched

The new IBM POWER9 scale-up servers launched with some awesome specs including PCIe Gen4. The IBM Power E950 is a 4 socket server with up to 48 cores/ 192 threads and 16TB of RAM. Scaling to 16 sockets, 1536 threads, and 64TB of RAM is the IBM Power E980.