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QuickAssist Driver for FreeBSD is Here and pfSense Support Coming

The Intel QuickAssist driver for FreeBSD is finally here and pfSense support is coming soon says the company behind the popular firewall software

Netgate SG-1000 (FreeBSD based pfSense on ARM) First Look

Sipping power and at a price under$150, the Netgate SG-1000 running FreeBSD based pfSense on ARM looks like a winner in our initial impression

pfSense 2.3.3 Released

The popular open source network appliance software, pfSense 2.3.3 has been released with several security and bug fixes

Intel Xeon Phi x200 Series (Knights Landing) and FreeBSD

We take the Intel - Supermicro Xeon Phi x200 series (Knights Landing) developer workstation through booting FreeBSD distributions to check compatibility

pfSense adopts Apache 2.0 License

The popular pfSense project adopts the Apache 2.0 License which is one of the most popular open source software licenses available today

pfSense 2.3 Released!

Today the pfSense project announced a major release. pfSense 2.3 brings us a slew up feature updates and back-end updates. The most visible is the new Boostrap based UI which is easy to use on mobile devices

pfSense SG-4860 6 month review – A great firewall/ router combo

Initial impressions are great, but we have a 6-month review of the pfSense SG-4860 appliance. Find out how it performed over months of testing

pfSense 2.2.6 released with new security and bug fixes

pfSense is a project we work with quite a bit and we just got word that pfSense 2.2.6 was released. This new version has several security and bug fixes.

How to HAProxy HA/ load balance a web server with a...

Our guide to creating a HAProxy high-availability / load balanced web server with pfSense. The entire process should only take a few minutes to setup.

Installing pfSense with a mirrored boot drive

A quick how-to guide on setting up pfSense with a mirrored boot drive to help increase the reliability of your pfSense appliance