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Intel Optane A Practical Application Review

We replaced NAND based NVMe drives with Intel Optane drives in the STH hosting cluster for a day and saw some dramatic performance differences

Intel Optane 900p 960GB and 1.5TB AIC SSD Info Spotted

Intel just signaled that there are larger 960GB and 1.5TB Intel Optane 900p NVMe SSDs on the horizon in add-in card form factors

Exploring the Best ZFS ZIL SLOG SSD with Intel Optane and...

We use a new FreeBSD tool for simulating ZFS ZIL SLOG performance to test Intel Optane and NAND based SATA, SAS and PCIe NVMe SSD options

What is the ZFS ZIL SLOG and what makes a good...

We go into what the ZFS ZIL SLOG is. We also show a few common choices as ZFS ZIL SLOG devices, how they work and what makes a good one

The difference between Intel Optane 900p 280GB SSDPE21D280GASM and SSDPE21D280GASX

Confused on the difference between the Intel Optane 900p 280GB SSDPE21D280GASM and SSDPE21D280GASX? Here is your reference as we look at both.

Intel Optane 900p SSD Released in AIC and U.2 Form Factors

The new Intel Optane 900p SSD is available in both 280GB and 480GB capacities. The NVMe SSDs are available in AIC and U.2 form factors

Intel Optane Memory for Clients: Where are the m.2 drives?

We scour for the Intel Optane Memory for Clients m.2 drives and largely stuck out after pre-ordering yesterday. Where is the product?

Intel Optane: Hands-on Real World Benchmark and Test Results

We have results to share of Intel Optane SSDs including hands-on real-world experience serving as a backend to a NGINX CDN node

Intel Optane Memory – 3D XPoint for Client Workloads Launched

Intel Optane Memory m.2 SSDs are launched bringing 3D XPoint technology to the consumer space. Intel also released some client workload profiling data

Intel Optane SSD DC P4800X – 3D XPoint Has Landed

What may be the biggest launch of 2017, Intel Optane SSD P4800X is now available enabling some exciting new use cases with its performance and endurance