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ASUS RS720A-E11-RS24U 2U AMD EPYC 7003 Series Server Review

In our ASUS RS720A-E11-RS24U 2U server review, we see how this platform is very different from the GPU version we reviewed previously

ASRock Rack 1U2N2G-ROME/2T Review 1U 2-Node AMD EPYC GPU Server

In our ASRock Rack 1U2N2G-ROME/2T review, we see how this 1U 2-node AMD EPYC GPU server differs from anything else we have reviewed

AMD and Intel 2P Server Core Count Growth 2010-2022

From a talk I am giving this week, here is a look at dual-socket server AMD and Intel CPU core count growth from 2010-2022

Intel QuickAssist in Ice Lake Servers What You Need to Know

Intel QuickAssist hardware acceleration offers massive performance gains. We run through compression, VPN, and nginx to see the impact

How Liquid Cooling Servers Works with Gigabyte and CoolIT

We show how we can cool over 20,000 AMD EPYC 7003 cores in Gigabyte H262-ZL0 servers with a garden hose using a CoolIT CDU and liquid cooling

AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro 5000 Series Launched

The new AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro 5000 series finally brings Zen 3 "Milan" derived CPUs to the workstation market

Top 10 Showcases of SC21

Our Top 10 showcases from the SC21 trip that we have not otherwise covered on STH. Number six involves beer.

ASRock Rack ROME2D32GM-2T AMD EPYC Motherboard Review

We review the ASRock Rack ROME2D32GM-2T a very different motherboard. This platform supports dual AMD EPYC and uses all 160x PCIe lanes

Facebook Meta AMD EPYC North Dome CPU and Platform Details

Details on the big AMD EPYC win at Facebook-Meta were shown with the 36C 95W TDP EPYC in the North Dome OCP platform

AMD Milan-X Scaling to 0.75GB Of L3 Cache Per Chip

AMD Milan-X adds a huge amount of cache, up to 0.75GB of L3 cache per chip. Microsoft Azure HPC is deploying 1.5GB L3 cache systems already