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FreeNAS Mini XL Plus Review 8-bays and 10GbE

Our FreeNAS Mini XL+ review shows how this 8x 3.5" + 2x 2.5" NAS performs and how it is uniquely adapted to run FreeNAS at the edge and remotely managed

New FreeNAS Mini E and FreeNAS Mini XL Plus Launched

The new FreeNAS Mini E and FreeNAS Mini XL+ bring the Intel Atom C3000 to the iXsystems line of desktop NAS units featuring the popular OS

iXsystems TrueCommand Released at V1.0

iXsystems TrueCommand released at V1.0. TrueCommand offers a single pane of glass to manage multiple FreeNAS and TrueNAS appliances

iXsystems TrueNAS M-Series Launched

If you are looking for a lower-cost commercial ZFS appliance that can handle over 10PB of raw storage (more if compressed), check out the new iXsystems TrueNAS M-Series with features like NVDIMM write cache and 100GbE

iXsystems Responds to the Atom C2000 Bug on FreeNAS Mini and...

iXsystems has a model response to their FreeNAS Mini and Mini XL systems impacted by the Intel Atom C2000 series bug and is shipping units with a fix.

FreeNAS Mini XL Launched

iXsystems, the company behind the popular FreeNAS distribution released a new 8-bay NAS appliance, the FreeNAS Mini XL with double the 3.5"