iXsystems TrueNAS 13.0 Released

IXsystems TrueNAS R50 Cover
IXsystems TrueNAS R50 Cover

In some fun storage news, in the middle of the Intel Vision 2022 onslaught of news, is that iXsystems has a new version of TrueNAS out. TrueNAS 13.0 release is now available for NAS systems.

iXsystems TrueNAS 13.0 Released

The new release is an upgrade to the TrueNAS 12 Farewell FreeNAS release in 2020 (and U8 in March.) The “release” status means it is suitable for more users while business and mission critical users are recommended to wait until July or September 2022 to upgrade to the new OS.

IXsystems TrueNAS Release Cycle 2022 05
IXsystems TrueNAS Release Cycle 2022 05

With TrueNAS 13.0 we get upgrades such as:

  • An update to FreeBSD 13.0. Among the updates here are big updates to components and drivers. For example, we saw the FreeBSD 13.0 networking updates mean we could use the Intel i225-V more readily for firewalls.
  • Version upgrades such as OpenZFS upgrade to 2.0 and Samba to 4.15 for more performance and stability with better security
  • Updates to the iSCSI target as well as the NFS server for additional performance
  • A number of bug fixes and security fixes

Overall, there is a lot more here.

Final Words

For the time being, TrueNAS (FreeBSD) is still the go-to OS for many businesses and scale-up systems based on TrueNAS. Still, the company has shown that TrueNAS Scale is the company’s future and actively mentions the ability to transition even as the new TrueNAS FreeBSD version comes out. For now, many business users will prefer the stability of TrueNAS FreeBSD, but over the next few years we expect the Debian Linux based TrueNAS Scale to be the go-to option. We have already transitioned all STH instances to TrueNAS Scale at this point. We know many of our users are on the FreeBSD version, and that is great, but we always advise giving your production systems a few days before upgrading to a new release.


  1. @servethehome.com are you really on Scale for all instances ? What a out the major performance penalty that Scale has over the freebsd version ? Lawrencesystems has several performance comparrisons between Scale and regular version amd Scale is downright bad in performance

  2. I don’t know if “the company has shown that TrueNAS Scale is the company’s future”.

    In any scenario where extra-feature of TrueNAS Scale are not required, llike simple fileserver/NAS/SAN, TrueNAS (FreeBSD) guarantees proven stability, scalability, performance and efficency, which is still not true for TrueNAS Scale which clearly targets to hyperconverged systems.

    So, as usual, is important to check the use case requirements, without blindly follow the latest variation of an appliance.

  3. regarding the mentioned:
    “the company has shown that TrueNAS Scale is the company’s future”

    my point:
    This is true as long as 90% of the target owners/users are segmented for average home labs admins, who need a straightforward one-click container installation, with no customization expected. Because other Scale features reliably run on your Core (stable).
    I can’t imagine that Scale started the enterprise operation in the state of development it is now. This is a very distant goal, and the Product line of the Scale needs to answer questions – where are we really heading the product – to customers who will pay for the support or to customers who want everything for free? These are two very different segments, which will define the company’s future INCOME.

    “We have already transitioned all STH instances to TrueNAS Scale at this point.”
    lucky you or …

  4. “the company has shown that TrueNAS Scale is the company’s future” – your opinion and not one that I share. iX systems are firmly committed to both FreeBSD and Linux offerings. SCALE has more “scale out” features which is why they provide a migration cross-grade from CORE/Enterprise to SCALE. When Japanese auto manufacturers brought out luxury divisions (Lexus, Acura, Infiniti) they didn’t stop selling their bread and butter offerings. So too with CORE/Enterprise vs SCALE.


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