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Supermicro Updates Servers for Intel Xeon E-2200 Series

Supermicro updated its line for the Intel Xeon E-2200 series adding new capabilities with higher core counts and clock speeds to its line

Intel Xeon E-2288G Review 8 Cores and 5GHz in the Entry...

In our Intel Xeon E-2288G review, we show how this 8 core CPU with up to 5GHz may be the most important CPU launch in the segment over the last decade

Intel Xeon E-2200 Series Launched for Servers… Finally

Our Intel Xeon E-2200 series launch article shows the new family and why the re-launch for servers is an important milestone in the entry Xeon lineup

Lenovo ThinkPad P53 A Xeon and Quadro RTX Powered Notebook

The Lenovo ThinkPad P53 packs an Intel Xeon CPU, NVIDIA Quadro RTX GPU, and lots of memory in a 15.6 in notebook form factor that is plenty portable

Dell EMC PowerEdge T40 Tower Server First with Intel Xeon E-2200

Dell EMC PowerEdge T40 is a low-cost and low-power SMB and SOHO server that is the first server to utilize the Intel Xeon E-2200 series

Lenovo ThinkSystem ST250 Review of an Intel Xeon E Tower Server

Our Lenovo ThinkSystem ST250 review shows why this flexible and low power tower server is a great fit for the SMB segment and remote branch offices

Intel Xeon E-2200 Series SKU List and Value Analysis

The Intel Xeon E-2200 series SKU list at launch and STH's value analysis of the new processor family now offering up to 8-cores per socket

New Intel Xeon E-2200 Embedded Series SKUs Launched

Five new Intel Xeon E-2200 embedded series CPUs are out ranging from four to eight cores and with naming conventions that do not match other Xeons

Intel Xeon E-2200 Re-Launching for Server in August

STH has learned that the Intel Xeon E-2200 series 8-core CPUs launched this week in the workstation market will re-launch in 3 months for the server market

Intel Xeon E-2200 Refresh 8-Core SKUs Available

The Intel Xeon E-2200 is the new entry-level Xeon part that expands the series to have up to 8 cores and 16 threads per CPU in the same platform as E-2100