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Beelink SER6 Pro 7735HS Edition Review A Better Alternative

We review the Beelink SER6 Pro and see how this AMD Ryzen 7 7735HS unit performs and how it can be expanded, even with an Intel Arc A770 eGPU

Intel Arc A770 with a Special Twist at Innovation 2022

At Intel Innovation 2022, we saw the Intel Arc A770 with a fun backstory while Intel confirmed it will not restrict Arc in the data center

Intel Brands Arctic Sound-M as Intel Flex Series Data Center GPUs

Intel has branded the Arctic Sound-M series of data center GPUs as Intel Flex 140 and Flex 170 as it enters a new data center GPU market

Welcome Intel Arc GPUs to the Market and Coming to Intel...

Intel Arc is the company's new dGPU family. It is launching first for notebooks, but there is an Intel NUC Arc Easter Egg buried in the launch

Intel Arc Alchemist GPU Architecture Day 2021 Discussion

At Intel Architecture Day 2021, we got new details on the Xe HPG renamed the Intel Alchemist GPU slated for early 2022 release

Intel Arc is the Brand for its New GPU

Intel Arc is the new branding for Intel's Xe HPG GPU efforts set to bring the company's long GPU effort to mainstream desktops in 2022