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ASRock Rack 1U10E-ICX2 1U Dual Intel Xeon Server Review

The ASRock Rack 1U10E-ICX2 is the company's new high-end Intel Xeon 1U platform with 10x NVMe drive bays in a 1U form factor

This AIC SB407-TU 60-bay Storage Server Houses over 1PB of Capacity

This AIC SB407-TU storage server can handle 60x hard drives and 8x NVMe drives for over 1PB of storage in 4U

Inspur i24M6 2U4N Intel Xeon Server Review

We take a look at the Inspur i24M6. This 2U 4-node Intel Xeon platform offers high density with features like the CMC and exotic air cooling

Intel Xeon D-2700 Onboard QuickAssist QAT Acceleration Deep-Dive

We show the impact of Intel QAT in the Intel Xeon D-2700 series to see why this acceleration matters in the embedded market

Supermicro SYS-110D-16C-FRAN8TP Review 25GbE Intel Ice Lake D 1U Server

In our Supermicro SYS-110D-16C-FRAN8TP review, we see how this short-depth 1U platform with 25GbE and a 16-core Intel Ice Lake D performs

AMD and Intel 2P Server Core Count Growth 2010-2022

From a talk I am giving this week, here is a look at dual-socket server AMD and Intel CPU core count growth from 2010-2022

Supermicro X12SDV-16C-SPT8F Review 16 Core Intel Xeon D-2775TE with 25GbE

In our Supermicro X12SDV-16C-SPT8F review, we see how this Intel Xeon D-2775TE 16C platform with PCIe Gen4, 25GbE, 10Gbase-T and more performs

Intel QuickAssist in Ice Lake Servers What You Need to Know

Intel QuickAssist hardware acceleration offers massive performance gains. We run through compression, VPN, and nginx to see the impact

New Supermicro GrandTwin 2U4N 1P Platform at Intel Vision 2022

We saw the new Supermicro GrandTwin 2U 4-node (2U4N) single socket Intel Ice Lake Xeon platform at Vision 2022. It certainly surprised us

Inspur NF5180M6 Review 1U Mainstream Dual Intel Xeon Server

In our Inspur NF5180M6 review, we look at this mainstream 1U dual Xeon server platform. We also discuss 1U v. 2U options we have tested