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Kioxia CM6 Review PCIe Gen4 SSDs for the Data Center

In our Kioxia CM6 review we see how much performance this PCIe Gen4 enterprise datacenter SSD has to offer and the impact of this performance and technology

The 2021 Intel Ice Pickle How 2021 Will be Crunch Time

We discuss the 2021 Intel Ice Pickle and why the 10nm Ice Lake Xeon series is finding itself in a tough spot even before it launches

Intel Ice Lake Cores Released 10nm Generation is Here

New 10th Generation Intel Core processors are 10nm Ice Lake products that are shipping with the new Intel Sunny Cove microarchitecture coming soon to server

Embedded Roadmap Intel Ice Lake-D Snow Ridge-NS and Tanner Ridge

Intel embedded roadmap details leaked at Computex 2019 with Intel Ice Lake-D, Snow Ridge-NS, and Tanner Ridge designs being shown

Intel Ice Lake Era with Microarchitecture and Gen11 GPU Improvements

Intel Ice Lake 10nm CPU era with its Sunnycove microarchitecture and Gen11 graphics should offer massive improvements to the edge and mobile systems

First Pictures of Intel Ice Lake Xeon Server Chips

From Intel Architecture Day 2018 we have new Intel Ice Lake Xeon server chips along with an updated roadmap with information about the Sunny Cove architecture that will underpin the new 10nm PCIe Gen4 server CPUs