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ASUS NVIDIA HGX H100 AI and 2U4N AMD EPYC Genoa at...

At ISC 2023 we saw the ASUS ESC E8-N11 NVIDIA DGX H100 AI server as well as the dense AMD EPYC 2U 4-node server with a major twist

NVIDIA DGX versus NVIDIA HGX What is the Difference

If you are confused about the NVIDIA DGX versus NVIDIA HGX systems, we have a guide to help understand the positioning of both platforms

NVIDIA A100 4x GPU HGX Redstone Platform

The NVIDIA Tesla A100 4x GPU HGX Redstone platform skips NVSwitch to provide smaller and lower cost Ampere-based topologies that are easy to integrate

NVIDIA A100 Ampere Resets the Entire AI Industry

With the NVIDIA Tesla A100 release, the company is resetting the bar for the entire HPC and AI industry with new accelerators
First NVIDIA DGX A100 At Argonne National Laboratory

NVIDIA DGX A100 Leapfrogs Previous-Gen

We take a look at the NVIDIA DGX A100 and the HGX A100 platform it is built-on to see how the new Tesla A100 platform leapfrogs the previous generation