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Fungible Adds NVIDIA GPU Orchestration to its DPUs

Fungible GPU-Connect adds GPU composability through its FC200 DPUs to build some very interesting topologies

AMD Acquires Pensando for its DPU Future

We discuss what is a DPU and why AMD is acquiring Pensando for $1.9B to bring this technology into its data center portfolio

New NVIDIA BlueField-2 DPU NVMe-oF Performance Faster than Optane SSDs

In a socking result, the NVIDIA BlueField-2 DPUs are able to exceed the per lane PCIe performance of local Optane P5800X but over a network

Fungible FC200 FC100 FC50 NVMe/TCP DPU Adapters Launched

Fungible FC200, FC100, and FC50 cards are designed to be the DPU-based storage initiators for NVMe/TCP offload enabling disk-less servers

DPU vs SmartNIC and the STH NIC Continuum Framework

We are introducing the 2021 STH NIC Continuum framework for discussing NIC types to help categorize DPU vs SmartNIC and other solutions

Fungible DPU-based Storage Cluster Hands-on Look

We get hands-on with the DPU-based Fungible Storage Cluster and the FS1600 dual DPU NVMeoF storage nodes with performance and interviews

What is a DPU A Data Processing Unit Quick Primer

In our Data Processing Unit Quick Primer we answer the question of "what is a DPU?" and discuss some of the key implementations today

VMware Project Monterey ESXi on Arm on DPU

We discuss the impact of VMware Project Monterey bringing ESXi on Arm and DPUs to the VMware ecosystem with features similar to AWS

Impact of Marvell ThunderX3 General Purpose SKUs Canceled

We discuss the impact of the general-purpose Marvell ThunderX3 getting canceled and how the Arm server industry has pivoted to grow

Fungible F1 DPU for Distributed Compute

At Hot Chips 32, we have the Fungible F1 DPU announcement. Fungible aims to re-think the data-centric fabrics we build from CPUs, GPUs, SSDs, and HDDs