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Intel ISC 2023 Big AI Update and More on Aurora

During the Intel ISC 2023 updates we heard more about Aurora, albeit without a Top500 entry, a MAJOR Falcon Shores update, and GPU Max

Intel Falcon Shores XPU Update at SC22

Ahead of SC22, Intel is talking about its Falcon Shores XPU designed to bring x86 and Xe cores, memory, and possibly 3rd party IP to packages

Intel ISC 2022 Keynote Rialto Bridge after Ponte Vecchio and Falcon...

At ISC 2022, Intel disclosed Rialto Bridge as the update to Ponte Vecchio, and then the future generation Falcon Shores XPU

Intel AXG on Falcon Shores Arctic Sound-M and Future Products at...

At Intel Investor Meeting 2022, we get an Intel AXG update including Arctic Sound-M for the AV1 era and an update on Falcon Shores in 2024