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IBM-Red Hat Bids Farewell to CentOS as Migration Hour Looms

IBM-Red Hat is nearing the end-of-life time for CentOS 8 making it time for even the most stubborn procrastinators to migrate

Rocky Linux 8.4 is out Replacing CentOS that Red Hat Abandoned

Rocky Linux 8.4 is out for the CentOS users that Red Hat and IBM abandoned with the decision to discontinue CentOS

Red Hat Attempts Migrating CentOS Users to RHEL Subscriptions

In this article, we discuss the latest move by IBM Red Hat to convert CentOS users to Red Hat subscribers using its Developer Program

Red Hat Goes Full IBM and Says Farewell to CentOS

Red Hat made the decision to effectively end the CentOS project by curtailing future updates and support for CentOS 8 and anything beyond

CentOS 8.2 2004 Linux is Out for Your Servers

For the RHEL and CentOS community, the release of CentOS 8.2 (2004) brings a new revision with updated toolsets to the ecosystem

IBM Gobbles up Red Hat for $34B Implications and Possibilities Abound

In Sunday deal news, IBM purchased Red Hat for around $34 billion. This has big implications for the ecosystem and many are going to spend the rest of the week assessing the implications

ZFS on Linux 0.7.7 Disappearing File Bug

There is a bug in the current ZFS on Linux 0.7.7 impacting the RHEL/ CentOS communities that has the potential to cause data loss.

Testing the Gigabyte MA10-ST0 with pfSense 2.4-Release and FreeNAS 11.0-U4

We testing the Gigabyte MA10-ST0 with pfSense 2.4-Release, FreeNAS 11.0-U4, and Linux distributions such as Ubuntu and CentOS for compatibility

PSA: How AMD Ryzen (and Zen) may impact your bash /...

We noticed while running AMD Ryzen chips is that the L3 cache reported by lscpu is incorrect with Ryzen which may impact your bash/ python scripts

Stop constant CentOS 7.3 crashes with AMD Ryzen using Kernel 4.10

If you try using AMD Ryzen with the newest CentOS 7.3 (1611) you are going to experience many crashes. This guide to install Linux Kernel 4.10 to stop them