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Jason Waxman Intel OCP Summit 2019 Keynote

Intel OCP Summit 2019 Keynote CLX Cooper Lake and Spring Crest

During its OCP Summit 2019 Keynote, Intel showed off Cascade Lake with Optane DCPMM, Cooper Lake, and Spring Crest NNP for AI

Massive HP Leak of Intel Cascade Lake Server CPU Specs

Either inadvertently or to create buzz around the HP Z6 G4 dual-socket workstation, the company made an early and newsworthy leak of a portion of the Intel Xeon Scalable Cascade Lake generation SKU stack

Resetting Scalable Expectations Intel Cascade Lake-SP at Hot Chips 30

We cover how at Hot Chips 30, Intel made some new disclosures around the next generation Intel Xeon Scalable dubbed Cascade Lake-SP or Cascade Lake. We cover speeds and feeds, Optane Persistent Memory, VNNI instructions, side channel mitigations. In the end, we issue a challenge to Intel.

Intel Data-Centric Innovation Summit Cascade Lake Optane and More

We are in Santa Clara, California at the Intel Data-Centric Innovation Summit where Intel is showing off its next-generation Intel Xeon Cascade Lake generation with Optane Persistent Memory, new FPGA innovations and other technology

Next-Gen Intel Cascade Lake 28C Supporting 3.84TB Memory

We piece together Intel Cascade Lake information and find that the next generation of Intel Xeon Scalable CPUs should be able to support more than twice the amount of memory as this generation with at least 3.84TB per socket with Intel Optane Persistent Memory