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How fast do you deploy? Hyperscalers deploy servers in under 3...

How fast do you deploy servers? Hyperscalers deploy nodes in under 3 seconds per a recent Baidu and Inspur Systems blog post on a 10,000 server installation
Baidu X MAN SXM2 Watercooling

Baidu X-MAN Liquid Cooled 8-Way NVIDIA Tesla V100 Shelf

At GTC 2018, we saw the Baidu X-MAN which forms the backbone of the Baidu Cloud GPU effort. This GPU box has 8x NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPUs with NVLink and is designed for switched PCIe fabric

Baidu Validates AMD Single Socket EPYC Strategy

Baidu and AMD announced today that Baidu is officially rolling out its single socket AMD EPYC platform targeted at AI, big data and cloud....