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ASUS X99-M WS Micro-ATX workstation motherboard review

Our review of the compact yet fully featured ASUS X99-M WS micro-ATX workstation motherboard

Exclusive: First ASUS P9A-I/C2550/SAS/4L Review

Our ASUS P9A-I/C2550/SAS/4L review. The platform combines an awesome set of features for storage platforms and very low power design.

ASUS releasing Intel Avoton C2750 and C2550 motherboards

ASUS is releasing three new Avoton motherboards the ASUS P9A-I/C2550/4L, ASUS P9A-I/C2550/SAS/4L and ASUS P9A-I/C2750/SAS/4L

ASUS Z97-WS Review – Workstation Motherboard with SATA Express

Strong combination of hardware features with a lot of built-in functionality. These hardware features are combined with the next-generation of enabling ASUS software to make a strong platform.

New Generation Interfaces: SATA Express and NGFF M.2 are coming

A look at some of the next generation drive interfaces: SATA Express and NGFF M.2 which will be prominent soon

ASUS P9X79-E WS Review – Awesome Workstation Motherboard

The ASUS P9X79-E WS is an absolutely awesome platform to build a high-end workstation with many PCIe cards.

ASUS B85M-E/CSM Motherboard Review

The ASUS B85M-E/CSM is a business workstation oriented motherboard that provides a low cost solution with many features including Intel Small Business Advantage.

ASUS Q87M-E/CSM Review – Corporate Motherboard with Intel vPro

The ASUS Q87M-E/CSM a motherboard with Intel vPro technology targeted at the business desktop market. It benefits from being part of the same design cycle as other ASUS LGA1150 motherboards.

ASUS Z87-WS Motherboard Review Workstation and Quad Graphics Support

The ASUS Z87-WS workstation motherboard has many of the features Haswell workstation buyers will want all integrated into a single solution

ASUS Announces Support for New Intel Xeon E5-2600 V2 and E5-1600...

ASUS announced its support for the new Intel Xeon E5-2600 V2 and E5-1600 V2 processors in existing platforms using a simple BIOS update