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This is the Ampere AmpereOne Arm Processor Set to Power Cloud...

At Computex 2023, we saw the new Ampere AmpereOnce processor and snapped a few photos. These CPUs will power next-gen Arm cloud instances

AmpereOne with 192 Cores 128x PCIe Gen5 Lanes and DDR5 in...

Ampere AmpereOne is shipping to select customers with 192 custom Arm cores, PCIe Gen5, DDR5, Bfloat16 support for AI and more

Ampere Shows Next-gen AmpereOne DDR5 PCIe Gen5 Arm Server

Ampere Mt Mitchell is the next-gen AmpereOne Arm server with DDR5 and PCIe Gen5 shown at OCP Summit 2022. We even guess the manufacturer

Ampere Announces 5nm Arm Server CPU AmpereOne

The new AmpereOne CPU will be Ampere's PCIe Gen5 and DDR5 CPU that abandons standard Arm Neoverse cores in favor of custom designed Arm cores