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AMD Sempron 3850 Benchmarks and Review – Quad Core AM1 SoC

The AMD Sempron 3850 is AMD’s lowest cost quad core AM1 SoC. It combines four Jaguar cores running at 1.3GHz with the R3 graphics solution all in a low power envelope.

AMD Sempron 2650 Benchmarks and Review – Dual Core AM1 SoC

The AMD Sempron 2650 is a low cost and low performance socket AM1 SoC with half the number of cores as compared to other AM1 chips

AMD Athlon 5150 Benchmarks and Review – AM1 APU

The AMD Athlon 5150 is a lower cost part that provides SoC capabilities at low power consumption levels. This allows platforms to be small, inexpensive and quiet with minimal complexity.

AMD Athlon 5350 Linux Benchmarks and Review

The AMD Athlon 5350 will be the highest performing AM1 processor at launch. It provides solid CPU performance for this segment along with a GCN based GPU and low power consumption.

Intel can hold ARM (largely) out of the datacenter for 3...

After reading numerous news articles about how ARM will destroy Intel in the data center, I thought it was about time to share a counterpoint.

Dual AMD Opteron 2419 EE Benchmarks – A look at Dell...

Benchmarks of a Dell DCS node with dual AMD Opteron 2419 EE processors and 48GB of RAM.

AMD Opteron A1100 Seattle ARM SoC and Comparison to Intel Avoton

The AMD Opteron A1100 "Seattle" ARM server CPU announcement and a comparison to the Intel Atom C2750 Avoton processor

Dual AMD Opteron 6276 Benchmarks and Review

The dual AMD Opteron 6276 server platform provides a solid value for many applications that can take advantage of 16 cores per CPU, in some cases rivaling Intel processors that cost three times as much.

Dual AMD Opteron 6234 Benchmarks and Review

The dual AMD Opteron 6234 platform provides an interesting value proposition to the market with a low cost 24-core solution that can be purchased with motherboard, chassis and memory for less than a single top of the line Xeon E5-2600 series processor

Dual AMD Opteron 4376 HE Linux Benchmarks

Our look at a dual AMD Opteron 4376 HE server and how these processors perform under our Linux benchmark suite