Synology DS414slim Released

Synology DS414slim front
Synology DS414slim front

Today Synology is releasing a new 4-bay small form factor NAS. The Synology DS414slim accepts up to four 2.5″ hard drives or solid state drives giving it a total capacity of up to 6TB using today’s hard drives. The Synology DS414slim is designed to have better performance than its predecessor while maintaining a small footprint.

The front of the Synology SD414slim has a basic array of status LEDs for LAN and HDD ports. One of the NAS unit’s two USB 3.0 ports is on the front panel. Power LEDs and the power button are on the side of the unit.

Synology DS414slim front
Synology DS414slim front


Moving to the rear, there are four 2.5″ drive sleds. The DS414 (non slim) unit can accept either 3.5″ or 2.5″ drive. The new DS414slim can only accept 2.5″ hard drives. Along with the four drive sleds is the second USB 3.0 port. Also, there are dual gigabit LAN ports. That means one can use LACP for additional speed. We would expect in the 200MB/s range for read speeds and in the 130MB/s range in terms of maximum write speeds much like the DS414.

Synology DS414slim rear
Synology DS414slim rear


Rumor has it that the current generation 2.5″ drives at 2TB capacity are too tall to fit in the DS414slim. 1.5TB drives seem to have the right dimensions.

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Synology DS414slim Press Release

Synology America Corp is pleased to announce the refresh of one of its most eye-catching DiskStations, the DS414slim. The slim is the smallest four-bay NAS to features the award winning DiskStation Manager 5.0 operating system (DSM 5.0). Using 2.5” drives, the DS414slim can max-out at 6TBs of raw storage; making it an ideal solution for home media enthusiasts and small office work groups needing versatile advanced storage, with a small footprint.

Advanced storage, tiny box: The DS414slim is small enough to fit on the palm of a hand, yet powerful enough for workgroups in businesses, with the ability to serve up to 128 active connections. The unit now includes an FPU, and twice as much RAM as its predecessor, improving overall performance in multitasking, and media processing. Most significantly, the DS414slim utilizes DSM 5.0 with its rich and extensible array of features including: media streaming, web hosting, timed backups, and photo management.

Quick and easy access to data: DSM 5.0’s integrated QuickConnect feature, makes it possible to access assets on the DS414slim without having to contend with router configurations. It provides easy access on Synology’s diverse selection of Android, iOS, and Windows Phone applications, as well as any contemporary browser. With QuickConnect, it’s always easy to get content locally, or on the move.

Private cloud in the palm of your hand: Included in DSM’s Package Center is Cloud Station. At no additional cost, users can access and sync: files, file-type or folder no matter where they are, or what device they are working on.

Other notable features:

• Dual gigabit LAN ports with failover support
• Two USB 3.0 ports for additional external storage
• Up to 2048 user accounts, and 256 user groups



  1. The Samsung M9T 2TB drives work perfectly in the 414Slim, and also on the 411Slim. The other 2.5″ 2TB drives, the WD Green are 15mm high and don’t fit.

    I’m running 4x2TB M9T in my 411Slim giving 6TB storage in SHR.


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