Rackspace and Dell EMC Offer Managed Private OpenStack Cloud

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In one of the more interesting announcements at the OpenStack Summit 2017 in Boston, Rackspace and Dell EMC are teaming to provide a managed private OpenStack cloud. We think this has the great potential to be a winner in the market.

OpenStack as a technology has been the go-to public cloud platform. If you walk around data centers in hotbeds like San Jose, Austin, New York and elsewhere, you will see teams of startups buildingĀ their OpenStack clouds. This generally involves buying a bare minimum set of hardware and trying to cobble a solution together utilizing Google search results and various guides. Those attempts are only sometimes successful.

One of the key challenges for companies is operating OpenStack. Beyond just spec’ing hardware, setting up the main pillar services of OpenStack, there is another challenge: operating the infrastructure.

RackSpace OpenStack Private Cloud as-a-Service

Rackspace and Dell EMC are teaming up to help companies realize a private OpenStack cloud. Rackspace is providing the fanatical support for operating the private cloud. Dell EMC is providing the hardware and services needed to run the private cloud.

The new offering is called the Rackspace OpenStack Private Cloud as-a-Service. Here is the company’s video:

Rackspace also offers similar services for VMwae and Microsoft clouds.

You can learn more about the offering here.

(Source: Rackspace)


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