Purch – Owners of Tom’s Hardware bought Anandtech


For those who have been following STH for some time, they will know that from time to time I write for Tom’s Hardware and Tom’s IT Pro. They will also know that some of our projects such as Linux-Bench.com have been used by Tom’s Hardware and Anandtech. Today Purch, the media company behind Tom’s Hardware announced the purchase of Anandtech. Both Tom’s Hardware and Anandtech have been around since I started my first site in the mid-1990’s and have had an intense rivalry for the past years. Aanand left for Apple this year and it seems like the site has now been sold off.

What are your thoughts on the merger? We started a thread on the forums for STH readers to share their thoughts.

To read the Purch press release head here.

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  1. No offence but if purch do the same to anandtech as they have done to thg then this will be a very sad day.

    I’ve been a reader of both sites for more years than I care to remember, thg is a mere shadow of its former self and I’d hate to see another great tech site go the same way.

  2. Sad! We’ve lost AnandTech… Tom’s Harware is known for their subjectiveness regarding some brands and IMO they where never up to the standards of anandtech – no offence Patrick.


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