Photos of Intel Omni-path Switches

Intel Omnipath 48 port
Intel Omnipath 48 port

Intel Omni-path is coming. We highlighted the impending technology recently in our ISC’15 piece. Intel has their new interconnect that is targeted at displacing Infiniband (Mellanox) in the HPC space offering more bandwidth and lower latency. Intel is also releasing a version of their Knights Landing Xeon Phi architecture with built-in dual Omnipath interconnects. With Intel’s clout in the space, this is a much anticipated launch. Hopefully we get more information on Omnipath at IDF15 in a few weeks. Until then, we have pictures of the Intel Omni-path switches.

The first switch picture is a 24-port variant. One can see the large QSFP+ size connectors in the middle of the chassis with a RJ-45 and what appears to be a USB port on the left side of the chassis.

Intel Omnipath 24 port
Intel Omni-path 24 port

The next shot has an additional 24 ports with 12 flanking the original set on either side.

Intel Omnipath 48 port
Intel Omni-path 48 port

Due to the protrusion with 24 ports in the middle, the recessed columns of connectors may be a bit harder to service. That is a primary reason flat front panels have become ubiquitous.

More to come on Intel Omni-path but there are at least interesting looking designs already being shown off.


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