OCZ Accused of Fraud, Seagate-Samsung, EMC Earnings, WD Earnings


This week saw OCZ accused of fraud, a big storage merger announced and divergent earnings reports from EMC and Western Digital.

Scathing Report Implies OCZ Has Committed Fraud

OCZ LogoCopperfield Research has put out a scathing report around OCZ Technology entitled, ” OCZ – The Master of SSD (Shady, Suspect, Deceitful)” The abstract said that the firm has found numbers that do not tie and that major industry players such as Fusion-io and STEC (known to be selling to major storage vendors) say they are not seeing OCZ in competitive situations. The report also highlights the well documented performance discrepancies. One can read the report’s abstract here.

Seagate Purchases Samsung’s Hard Drive Business

One of the biggest storage stories this week was Seagate’s announcement that it intends to purchase Samsung’s hard drive business. This is a move widely anticipated by industry analysts as a way to bolster Seagate against the competitive threat of the Western Digital – Hitachi announcement. ServeTheHome discussed the implications of both mergers this week. The big question now is where does Toshiba go from here?

EMC Announces Q1 2011 Earnings

EMC this week announced earnings that were up 18% year / year. It helps when the industry is growing rapidly and a company is a major player. Key highlights here were that EMC’s Isilon acquisition was yielding positive results with higher revenue than was expected.

Western Digital Reports Q3 Earnings

Western Digital Corporation announced Q3 earnings that were below estimates this week. The company cited lower demand due to tablet and handheld device popularity that is hurting PC sales. The disappointment continued though because Western Digital cited a weaker than expected Q4 forecast.

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