MikroTik CSS610-8P-2S+IN PoE Switch Launched

MikroTik CSS610 8P 2S+IN Stock Front Angle
MikroTik CSS610 8P 2S+IN Stock Front Angle

About a year and a half ago, we looked at the ultra-low-cost MikroTik CSS610-8G-2S+IN 8x1GbE 2x10GbE for under $100. Now, MikroTik has a new version the MikroTik CSS610-8P-2S+IN. The Model numbers changing from 8G to 8P is the key to the difference with this model as it adds PoE support.

MikroTik CSS610-8P-2S+IN

Taking a look at the switch, we get a familiar port configuration. There are 8x 1GbE RJ45 ports for devices. For higher-speed devices and uplinks, we have two 10GbE SFP+ ports.

MikroTik CSS610 8P 2S+IN Front Ports
MikroTik CSS610 8P 2S+IN Front Ports

The switch has both an AC input (rear) and a DC input (front) for redundant power supplies and a solid power budget. The switch is rated at 12W of power at idle but has a 140W power budget to distribute among the eight ports. The switch supports IEEE 802.3af/at so per the PoE vs PoE+ vs PoE++ guide, that means it supports PoE and PoE+ devices, but not PoE++. We will quickly note that this is a CSS switch not a CRS switch so it does not have the routing features of MikroTik’s higher-end line.

Final Words

The list price on this model is $229. Pre-pandemic, the MikroTik list price was usually a good amount higher than the street price. That has changed quite a bit. Still, $229 is a significant premium over the non-PoE version at around $100. Another aspect that has changed is that the market is moving towards 2.5GbE. While the 1GbE market is much larger, we wish that MikroTik started pushing seriously into the 2.5GbE market. 1GbE is under threat from WiFi 6E and within the lifetime of these switches, WiFi 7 that is coming. Once Ethernet ceases to provide backhaul bandwidth for WiFi APs, that becomes a challenge for PoE switches. We can hope at least, especially with low-cost 2.5GbE hitting pricing parity with 1GbE in the PoE segment.


  1. I would have liked 16 ports with 8 POE at that price. But perhaps I am just greedy. 2.5G I can do without for now in that application.

  2. I’m with Bob on this one, 16 ports of 8 (or higher) POE ports would have been nice.
    2.5 Gbe isn’t yet worth it, as what will you be connecting at 2.5Gbe POE. AP’s?
    Thru, access points would be the only ones, but not IP cam’s, phones, desk switches and IOT’s.

  3. Same with Bob.
    I rather have a cheap 16 POE 1G ports for outdoor IOT and security cameras, use a short fiber patch cable as uplink to isolate surge from lightning strike.

    There is a netPower 16P outdoor version ($279), but its PSU is sperate purchase.
    So a rackmount version with PSU netPower 16P will do.

  4. In my house the den has a bunch of streaming devices, desktop (home office) and wifi6 AP.

    I’m thinking about this switch. The 8x1G ports would be used for the media area and streaming boxes, the SFP#1 would be an uplink (Cat6) to my main network in the basement and the other would be for future use (maybe a Wifi7 AP in a few years or a new desktop).


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