Legacy STHbench linux benchmarks web viewer now available

STHbench 2013 Results Viewer
STHbench 2013 Results Viewer

As many folks know, STHbench.sh was our original 2013 era Linux benchmarking script. It only worked on Ubuntu and was really meant to be a script used solely for this site’s benchmarking. Of course, over time the feature requests expanded and now we are moving in the direction of a super simple to run benchmark with an expanded (and better) set of benchmarks. In the meantime, we have posted the data set behind the Excel graphs in an online results viewer.

The original STHbench.sh tested over 50 different platforms. Many were less common platforms such as dual Xeon configurations. We also managed to test AWS and Rackspace instances with the old benchmarking script so one could directly compare common cloud computing options with bare metal.

After the script ran, logs were manually parsed. Runs were averaged and outliers analyzed and removed if necessary. After this was complete, results were added to the Microsoft Excel file that held the data set. With 50+ rows and up to 14 columns in some benchmarks, the resulting tables quickly became difficult to read.

Intel Xeon E5-2697 V2 - hardinfo benchmark
Intel Xeon E5-2697 V2 – hardinfo benchmark

We continuously received requests to update the results in an online results browser. Today, we are finally releasing that data:

The online results browser has a few cool features:

  • Select benchmark from the drop down
  • Click header row to sort (ascending or descending)
  • Select check boxes next to processors you want to compare, click the header of the result you want to compare, then click Action -> Compare to see a bar graph with all of the results listed
  • Select check boxes next to processors you want to compare then click Action -> Hide to hide rows that you do not want to see in the table
STHbench 2013 Results Viewer
STHbench 2013 Results Viewer

Hopefully this helps folks navigate the browser easily.

The next phase is Linux-Bench CPU. Key features of the upcoming Linux CPU benchmarking script:

  • The new script is about 10x larger than the old script and is running many more tests.
  • CentOS, RHEL, Debian, Mint are all working.
  • PTS tests have been dropped in favor of running STREAM, OpenSSL and 7-zip benchmarks directly.
  • Benchmarks like c-ray have new tests to stress larger processors.
  • Added sysbench CPU, NAS Parallel Benchmarks, NAMD, and redis benchmarks.
  • One line execution if curl works (e.g. there is no proxy)

The project has already been forked to provide a Docker version to make the benchmark suite even more portable. More to come on this over the next week or so but you can check out the new Linux-Bench community development project at: https://github.com/STH-Dev/linux-bench

We are working on the results viewer for the new benchmark: http://www.linux-bench.com but please pardon the dust, it is still under active development.


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