iXsystems Responds to the Atom C2000 Bug on FreeNAS Mini and Mini XL NAS

FreeNAS Mini XL
FreeNAS Mini XL

We recently saw iXsystems update their website with regards to the FreeNAS Mini and FreeNAS Mini XL NAS units. The two branded FreeNAS units utilize an ASRock Rack C2750 based motherboard that we first reviewed in 2013 just after the Intel Atom C2000 series launch. ASRock Rack C2750D4I Review: Intel Atom C2750 Storage Platform. Given the fact we have been seeing a number of vendors impacted by the Intel Atom C2000 bug, we have been looking for the company’s response. Today we have that.

From iXsystems

The company sent us the following response to our inquiry:

We can confirm that there is a hardware related issue affecting second generation FreeNAS Mini and FreeNAS Mini XL motherboards.  The good news is that we’ve been working closely with our vendor and making sure to address this problem quickly. Any FreeNAS Mini shipped in or after February 2017 will have a board-level fix in place that will solve this issue.  We’re also happy to say that we have extended the warranty on all second generation FreeNAS Mini and FreeNAS Mini XL mainboards purchased before February 2017 to a total of three years to assist our customers that have experienced this issue.  For more information, see our forum post and knowledge base article.

Note that they did not specifically mention the Intel Atom C2000 series product as has become custom by vendors impacted. You can find more information on the iXsystems site where the company set up a FAQ for its impacted users.

FreeNAS Mini XL
FreeNAS Mini XL

Final Words

We do like how iXsystems is handling this and it should be a model for other companies. We also can infer that ASRock Rack has a platform-level fix as that is the motherboard used. Since February 2017 and later FreeNAS Mini systems sound as though they are not impacted, it likely means that ASRock Rack has implemented the platform level fix. We have heard elsewhere that a re-spun silicon is not available so any systems being listed as being not impacted are using the platform-level fix.


  1. ASRock Rack posted a new BMC update for the C2750 on Feb 15th. Not sure if it includes the fix (would have thought it would be a BIOS update) but the scant description does include “Fix on watchdog timer”. It’s been almost a year since they’ve posted updates for the BIOS or BMC so it seems likely it’s related to this bug.

    ASRock Rack C2750D4I Download Page


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