Intel Xeon D-1800 and D-2800 Series Launch Ice Lake-D Refreshed

Intel Xeon D Ice Lake D 2
Intel Xeon D Ice Lake D 2

Intel has a new refresh of the Xeon D series as part of its late Q4 2024 announcements. The Intel Xeon D-1800 series and D-2800 series update the Xeon D-1700 series and D-2700 series respectively. With the new refresh, we have a handful of new features.

Intel Xeon D-1800 and D-2800 Series Launch Ice Lake-D Refreshed

Here is the big slide for the new CPUs. The new line is Ice Lake-D at its root, so that means these are still PCIe Gen4 and DDR4 parts. At the same time, we get a few new SKUs and a big feature.

Intel Xeon D 1800 And Xeon D 2800 Launch_1
Intel Xeon D 1800 And Xeon D 2800 Launch

Intel says that it has some higher core count SKUs in the same TDP envelope as the process has matured. It also has up to 22 core SKUs. Perhaps the biggest change is that the Intel Xeon D-1800 gets dual 100GbE connectivity.

If you want to learn more about the Xeon D families, and how the D-2xxx and D-1xxx series differ, we have an entire article on the Intel Ice Lake D Era with the Xeon D-2700 and D-1700 series. For most of the architecture points, they are the same, except for the SKUs and the dual 100GbE.

We had a video on launch day for those platforms that you can find above.

Final Words

This is certainly not the biggest announcement of the day. Most designs that already have the Xeon D-1700 or D-2800 series will continue to use the same chips. This launch was really about providing more choices to partners by offering new SKUs targeted at different points. The combination of features like integrated networking along with accelerators like QuickAssist (see our D-2700 series deep-dive) make this interesting for many edge deployments.

Hopefully we will get to see more platforms with these SKUs in the not too distant future.


  1. This sounds like Granite Rapids-D is pushed to 2025 delivery. Any hints?

    Also any news about AMD Epyc 3000 next gen? It was supposed to be Zen4 based launch at 2023.


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