Happy Birthday ServeTheHome, Turning Two Years Old!


Today marks the second anniversary of ServeTheHome.com which was started on June 8, 2009. To mark the occasion here are some interesting facts:

1. During June 2009 ServeTheHome.com had 92 visitors. That is well under the average number of visitors the site receives each hour at this point.

2. On 8 June 2009 the first STH benchmark was posted of two Seagate 7200.11 1.5TB drives in RAID 1 on an Intel ICH10R controller.

3. June 2009 saw five articles published on STH. 2011 has seen about five articles published per week.

4. The most popular article of all time on STH has been the: Intel Core i5-650 v. Atom N330/ NVIDA ION Review (published February 2010) although some newer pieces are very quickly catching up.

5. According to Google Analytics, ServeTheHome.com has been seen from just about everywhere except: Chad, Mali and Antarctica.

6. Ever have a comment that takes awhile to appear? STH does use a few anti-spam packages because it is now receiving hundreds of spam comments daily. I do review everything that gets caught so I am usually able to manually save falsely identified messages but I am guessing I delete a few a year accidentally. If this happens to be your comment, I apologize profusely.

7. Some places around the ‘net I would like to thank for the explosive growth over the past two years:

  • WeGotServed where I was able to write a guest piece about a year ago and WGS’ owner Terry Walsh has helped me immensely on my journey.
  • [H]ardOCP/ [H]ardforum and Anandtech as many readers are also active in those communities
  • MSWHS.com a great resource that often features STH articles.
  • Home Server Show which has quite a few times featured STH pieces.
  • The members of the ServeTheHome.com Forums. This is a new part of the site that started a few months ago with nothing and is continuously increasing weekly activity. I want to thank all members that have taken the time to register and share knowledge as looking at statistics and hearing stories it does help people.
  • Those that have taken the time to comment on the site, even when pointing out one of my errors. Posting comments and sharing experiences helps others, even when those comments just help me correct a typographical error.

Overall I wanted to say thanks a bunch to all of ServeTheHome’s readers! It is great to see something that I decided to start by just posting some benchmarks turn into a resource that tens of thousands of people use every month and there is no doubt in my mind that without user support I would have discontinued the project a long time ago. I promise to do my best to make this an even better resource for people to use, and if you have something you think would help people drop me a note.


  1. Congratulations on your 2 year anniversary.

    I enjoy pointing to this site from The Home Server Show forums so that folks have some interesting information and knowledge about servers that you provide.



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