Dell EMC PowerSwitch S5212F-ON Half-width 25GbE and 100GbE Switch

Dell EMC PowerSwitch S5212F ON Cover
Dell EMC PowerSwitch S5212F ON Cover

At the 2018 Dell Technologies World, we saw the Dell EMC S4112-ON Half-Width 10GbE to 100GbE Switches. This year, the company is following that switch up with a new half-width option called the Dell EMC PowerSwitch S5212F-ON. This is a half-width solution that is intended to provide redundant switching in a 1U footprint. Following the industry trend, while the S4112F-ON was a 10GbE / 100GbE part, the new Dell EMC PowerSwitch S5212F-ON is a 25GbE/ 100GbE part featuring a 892Mpps switching rate.

Dell EMC PowerSwitch S5212F-ON

Using a very similar form factor to the previous generation, the Dell EMC PowerSwitch S5212F-ON uses a 1U half-width form factor to provide twelve 25GbE SFP28 ports along with three QSFP28 100GbE ports that can bifurcate into quad port 25GbE themselves and also operate at 10/40/50GbE speeds.

Dell EMC PowerSwitch S5212F ON Front
Dell EMC PowerSwitch S5212F ON Front

The switch has a stack ID as well as front panel USB, serial, and out-of-band management ports. One can also see two power supply inputs on the front panel making everything serviceable from the same aisle.

Dell EMC PowerSwitch S5212F ON Rear
Dell EMC PowerSwitch S5212F ON Rear

The rear of the Dell EMC PowerSwitch S5212F-ON has four fans. This is similar to what we saw with the previous generation.

Final Words

Along with the switch itself, the “PowerSwitch” brand is also new. While PowerEdge is well known, a “power switch” is something that is found in a data center. Imagine if someone messes up the Friday afternoon ask “Jane, can you turn off the power switch before you leave?” It takes a lot of guts to brand your product line something like this.

As one of Dell EMC’s “-ON” switches, this unit supports open networking standards and the ONIE installer along with the company’s OS10 operating system.

Overall, we expect to see this switch deployed in pairs for small hyper-converged clusters in the near future.


  1. LOL at “Turn off the power switch before you leave.” That would be a funny/terrible misunderstanding. But honestly I don’t think anyone speaks like that. “Turn off the lights before leaving” more likely.

  2. its a rebranded mellanox (SN2000 series), with less capacity, this one has only 12 – 25 Gigs + 2 100’s while the mellanox has 18 – 25gigs + 4 100’s(also comes half size), both has the exact same hardware.

  3. I can’t be Mellanox right? Different chips? This is using Broadcom not Mellanox spectrum…

  4. > Very nice! Now, can they make a version with quiet fans so it can live nicely in my condo?
    just replace them with noctuas

  5. Of the half width 10G and greater switches that STH has tested, are there any that you would recommend NOT be used for VMware VSAN? I am looking for a switch dedicated for VSAN/VMOTION as my current 10GBe Ubiquiti switch suffers from random latency.



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