Deal alert: HP DL180 G6 with dual Xeon L5639 – $399

HP DL180 G6 Internal View
HP DL180 G6 Internal View

As we are nearing the Ivy Bridge-EP launch, we are starting to see deals on 32nm LGA1366 hardware. One example is the recent HP DL180 G6 for $399 deal brought to our attention by mrkrad on the forums here. The Intel Xeon L5639 chips have fallen in price significantly over the past month. One can see we recently highlighted that deal as the chips fell from $200/ each to $140. Today, Intel Xeon L5639 are selling for under $100! This has led to another HP DL180 G6 deal.

In May we highlighted the HP DL180 G6 with L5630 processors. At the time, those servers were a deal at $600 each. The included Intel Xeon L5630 processors are 4C/8T for 8C/ 16T per 2U. The other advantage with those processors is that they are low power 32nm designs. Many users expressed at that time that they wished for a six-core variant. Only a few months later that is a reality.

HP DL180 G6 Top View
HP DL180 G6 Top View

A seller on ebay that several STH forum members have purchased from is now selling a HP DL180 G6 package. Here is an ebay search link for the serves. The 2U server includes:

  • rackmount rails,
  • dual Intel Xeon L5639 processors
  • 8GB of RAM
  • one power supply (can add a second inexpensively for redundant power)

The servers have built-in dual gigabit Ethernet adapters. The chassis appears to be the 14 disk design (12x 3.5″ drive bays in the front and 2x 3.5″ drive bays in the rear of the chassis. The auction does not include drive trays but the G6 drive trays are very inexpensive at under $7/ each. These do not have RAID included so it is likely one may need to get their own drive controller to use all of the server’s drive bays.

HP DL180 G6 Rear Hard Drives
HP DL180 G6 Rear Hard Drives

For those wondering, there are certainly some market dynamics at play here. As many have seen, the favored Dell C6100 XS23-TY3 with the Xeon L5520 processors have been going up in price. Word from suppliers is that Dell has stopped selling as many off lease dual L5520 C6100’s and is now selling more L5639 processors. Rumor has it that there are now many thousand Xeon L5639 processors in supplier inventory and in the pipeline to sell. General consensus is that the Xeon L5639 is set to be the next low cost low power server processor that hits the sub $70 price point on a regular basis.

Overall, a great deal on a very solid HP DL180 G6 server. Check out the deal as it would certainly make an excellent colocation option given cost and power considerations. Also head over to the forums for more information.


  1. I have the same issue, shipping costs kill the deal. For us in non-USA it’s only worthwhile if you buy by the half-dozen :(


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