Asustor ASW205T Review 5-port 2.5GbE Switch


Asustor ASW205T Performance

In terms of the overall 2.5GbE performance, we were able to get fairly normal 2.5GbE speeds from each of the five ports.

Asustor ASW205T Performance
Asustor ASW205T Performance

Performance was good, in the range of the other switches we reviewed looking at the average transfer rates when loaded. So far, we have been within 3% or so on all of the switches in this class so it does not feel like performance should be the key buying criterion in this price range.

Asustor ASW205T and Management Capabilities

Since we are going to be doing this as part of a series, we will note that this is an unmanaged switch. Also, we did not find PoE capabilities when testing this switch.

Asustor ASW205T Power Consumption

Here is a quick shot of the 12V 2A power adapter. This is notable for a few reasons. First, the 24W power supply is larger than most of the non-PoE switches we have seen, even in the 8-port range. Second, it again has regulatory markings. Third, the power supply has four different plugs. If you need a small 2.5GbE switch for international travel, for demos, troubleshooting, or similar, then these adapters are nice to have.

Asustor ASW205T Power Adapters
Asustor ASW205T Power Adapters

At idle, we saw 3.7W which is at the lower end of what we have seen from these 5-port switches.

Asustor ASW205T Power Idle
Asustor ASW205T Power Idle

Plugging in a port at 2.5GbE speeds we saw an incremental 1.0W of power consumption. That per port increment is in the middle of what we have seen from 5-port switches.

Asustor ASW205T Power Single Port
Asustor ASW205T Power Single Port

Power-wise, the AWS205T is actually very decent.

Final Words

For around $120, we see the big drawback with this unit. The QNAP QSW-1105-5T, for example, is $10 less and the Zyxel MG-105 is $20 less. That makes the Asustor one of the more expensive units with similar performance and power consumption.

Asustor ASW205T Ports Top Off
Asustor ASW205T Ports Top Off

This switch was in the “OK” camp. Our top choice in this category is the QNAP QSW-1105-5T 5-Port 2.5GbE Switch. If you need the multiple power plug options, then the extra $10 may be worth it. Otherwise, this is one we would check pricing on compared to others and purchase this one if it is on sale for less. We would not pay a premium for this switch since there are a few things like the thick switch chip thermal pad that just seem strange compared to other switches we have reviewed.

Where to Buy

If you want to check the current pricing, here is an Amazon affiliate link. Note, we may earn a small commission if you buy using this link.


  1. There are a few confusing things in this article. The first paragraph relates to an entirely different model/brand? The discussion of the internal layout says the fan is at a 45 degree angle but the next paragraph states its fanless?

  2. Error near the bottom of page 1 on this one:
    “The fan is orientated at an angle 45 degrees offset from the vents on either side of the chassis.”
    Followed by:
    “This, like the other units we have tested, is a fanless design keeping noise low.”

  3. Thanks for reviewing this switch. I’ve currently shortlisted both this switch and the d-link dms-106xt for my home gaming network setup. Looking forward to the review on the dms-106xt. I might even go to a whole new direction once the review for that switch is out.

  4. Wow! People (Yuno & the reviewer) consider $10 overpriced? I don’t. When I consider how low power consumption is on this unit and the fact that I am using 4 in my house right now with 4 of the 5 ports (on each) in use – and the unit is just slightly warm and just sipping power – I’m thrilled. Comparing this to the buggy Netgear 1gx10g (GS110MX) switches these replaced – that never, EVER locked anything over 2.5gig even when paired with identical switches, these are CHEAP! They boot fast, lock on immediately – even on 50ft cabling – and stay at the rated speeds!


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