ZFSguru 0.1.7 (final) Released


ZFSguru is a new FreeBSD based storage platform that was started by a FreeBSD and ZFS enthusiast to make an alternative to FreeNAS that tracks closer to a full-blown FreeBSD installation. Over the past few months, quite a few experimental builds have been offered for download and starting today, there is a final release of the 0.1.7 line. ZFSguru 0.1.7 is using ZFS version 15 and there are experimental builds with ZFS version 28 also available.Head over to the ZFSguru website to download the current release.

Feel free to discuss ZFSguru, FreeNAS, and other storage platforms on the ServeTheHome.com Operating System forums. sub.mesa, ZFSguru’s creator, has posted a few bits of getting started information in the FreeBSD, ZFSguru, and FreeNAS forum.

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