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Supermicro Launches X12 STH Series Intel Xeon E-2300 Motherboards

Supermicro has new Intel Xeon E-2300 series servers and motherboards. We are especially excited about the X12 STH series

Four New ASUS Intel Xeon E-2300 Series Motherboards

Four new ASUS Intel Xeon E-2300 series motherboards make their debut along with a new server platform and a hint at a mITX platform coming

Gigabyte MX33-BS0 mATX Intel Xeon E-2300 Series Motherboard

The Gigabyte MX33-BS0 is a cost-optimized motherboard designed to fit the Intel Xeon E-2300 entry-level segmentation

ASRock Rack Launches Tons of Intel Xeon E-2300 Series Motherboards

ASRock Rack has six new motherboards for the Intel Xeon E-2300 series spanning mATX, mITX, and deep mITX form factors

New Tyan Tempest CX S5560 Motherboards for Intel Xeon E-2300 Series

The new Tyan Tempest CX S5560 has two motherboard flavors for the Intel Xeon E-2300 series with Intel X550 10Gbase-T standard

Intel Xeon E-2300 Series Launched Rocket Lake-E for Entry Servers

Finally entry-level servers are getting a refresh. The Intel Xeon E-2300 series gets Rocket Lake-E after the desktop and workstation markets