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Silicom PE310G2I50-T Intel X550 10Gbase-T NIC Review

In our Silicom PE310G2I50-T review, we see what this 10GbE NIC has to offer. Based on the Intel X550 solution we get dual 10Gbase-T ports

Silicom PE2G6I35-R Review 6-port Intel i350 NIC

In our Silicom PE2G6I35-R review, we take a look at a 6-port 1GbE card we use at STH and we have been using the previous version of since 2012

Silicom FPGA SmartNIC N5010 4x 100Gb with HBM Onboard

The Silicom FPGA SmartNIC N5010 uses a Stratix 10 DX FPGA with HBM and PCIe Gen4 to power up to 4x 100GbE ports on a PCIe card

Dell Silicom PEG6I – VMWare ESXi 5.0 vSphere VT-d IOMMU Passthrough...

After the initial review of the Dell/ Silicom PEG6I six port Gigabit Ethernet adapter came up, where I showed that a simple search could yield six...

Dell Silicom PEG6I Six Port Gigabit (GigE) Intel 82571EB Network Adapter...

I recently posted about the Dell/ Silicom PEG6I six port Gigabit Ethernet adapter which I was able to get very inexpensively. One note I...

Dell Silicom PEG6I Six Port Gigabit (GigE) Intel 82571EB Network Adapter

I have used many Intel Pro/1000 PT Quad network adapters to provide extra ports in servers for a few years now. They are well...