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AMD EPYC Rome NAMD and the Intel Xeon Response at Computex...

We discuss the lively exchange between AMD EPYC Rome 64 core benchmarks and the Intel Xeon response at Computex 2019 and help you decipher what it means

Why AMD EPYC Rome 2P Will Have 128-160 PCIe Gen4 Lanes...

We explain why AMD EPYC Rome dual socket systems will Have 128-160 PCIe Gen4 lanes and extra lanes for features like BMCs

Xilinx Alveo U280 Launched Possibly with AMD EPYC CCIX Support

At Supercomputing 2018 we saw the launch of the Xilinx Alveo U280. Buried in the accompanying whitepaper for the 2019 product is AMD processor CCIX support which could point to AMD EPYC Rome generation support in a few quarters

AMD EPYC 2 Rome What We Know Will Change the Game

With the AMD EPYC 2 Rome bombshell including 64 cores, PCIe 4.0 connectivity, and an improved NUMA architecture, we take stock of AMD EPYC 2 Rome versus Intel Cascade Lake-SP to see where the mainstream market will be in 2019