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IBM-Red Hat Bids Farewell to CentOS as Migration Hour Looms

IBM-Red Hat is nearing the end-of-life time for CentOS 8 making it time for even the most stubborn procrastinators to migrate

Rocky Linux 8.4 is out Replacing CentOS that Red Hat Abandoned

Rocky Linux 8.4 is out for the CentOS users that Red Hat and IBM abandoned with the decision to discontinue CentOS

Red Hat Attempts Migrating CentOS Users to RHEL Subscriptions

In this article, we discuss the latest move by IBM Red Hat to convert CentOS users to Red Hat subscribers using its Developer Program

Red Hat Goes Full IBM and Says Farewell to CentOS

Red Hat made the decision to effectively end the CentOS project by curtailing future updates and support for CentOS 8 and anything beyond

IBM Gobbles up Red Hat for $34B Implications and Possibilities Abound

In Sunday deal news, IBM purchased Red Hat for around $34 billion. This has big implications for the ecosystem and many are going to spend the rest of the week assessing the implications

Red Hat Storage One Easy Gluster Deployment

If you are a company looking for a turnkey Gluster-based storage solution, Red Hat Storage One makes deployments easy with appliance models, a sizing tool, and deployment automation

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.5 Hits General Availability

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the go-to Linux distribution for many enterprises. RHEL is the cornerstone that Red Hat built one of the most...

Red Hat buys CoreOS in kubernetes container ecosystem play

Red Hat buys CoreOS for $250 million in a major kubernetes container ecosystem play by picking up one of the leading orchestration solutions for enterprises

Red Hat Outlines Meltdown and Spectre Patch Performance Impacts

Red Hat communicates expected performance impacts of the latest round of Meltdown and Spectre vulnerability patches with its customers