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AMD Pensando Giglio DPU for 2023 Salina DPU in 2024 and...

AMD Pensando has new DPUs on its roadmap. In 2023 we expect the AMD Pensando Giglio generation and in 2024 the 800G Salina generation

VMware vSphere 8 to Offload Key Functions via AMD Pensando DPU

AMD Pensando DPUs will run VMware vSphere 8 and use its big network engines and accelerators to enable zero-trust networking and security

AMD Data Center Solutions at AMD Financial Analyst Day 2022

At AMD FAD 2022, the company discussed its CPU and GPU AMD Instinct MI300 APU coming in 2023 and its networking vision

AMD Acquires Pensando for its DPU Future

We discuss what is a DPU and why AMD is acquiring Pensando for $1.9B to bring this technology into its data center portfolio

DPU vs SmartNIC and the STH NIC Continuum Framework

We are introducing the 2021 STH NIC Continuum framework for discussing NIC types to help categorize DPU vs SmartNIC and other solutions

What is a DPU A Data Processing Unit Quick Primer

In our Data Processing Unit Quick Primer we answer the question of "what is a DPU?" and discuss some of the key implementations today

VMware Project Monterey ESXi on Arm on DPU

We discuss the impact of VMware Project Monterey bringing ESXi on Arm and DPUs to the VMware ecosystem with features similar to AWS

Impact of Marvell ThunderX3 General Purpose SKUs Canceled

We discuss the impact of the general-purpose Marvell ThunderX3 getting canceled and how the Arm server industry has pivoted to grow

Pensando Distributed Services Architecture SmartNIC

We take a look at the Pensando Distributed Services Architecture which offers network and storage offload through its Capri and Elba chips