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CyberPower PDU15M10AT Automatic Transfer Switching PDU Review

During our CyberPower PDU15M10AT automatic transfer switching (ATS) PDU review we found the unit to perform well as we simulated abrupt A and B power cuts. The unit is easy to deploy and at under $250 street price is priced well for its target market.

Explaining the Automatic Transfer Switching ATS PDU

We explain the automatic transfer switching (ATS) PDU and show how it helps single PSU/ single-corded equipment access redundant power feeds

Baytech RPC-3 Deal: Remote Switched 8-Port PDU under $50 – Windows...

Baytech RPC-3 8-port Ethernet based PDU which are selling for under $50 on ebay. These are extremely inexpensive selling for under $50 each in many cases