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Intel Agilex 7 with R Tile Launched Integrated PCIe Gen5 and...

The new Intel Agilex 7 with R-Tile provides hardened PCIe Gen5 and CXL IP to accelerate bringing new solutions to market

Kioxia CD7 PCIe Gen5 NVMe SSDs Validated on HPE Servers and...

The Kioxia CD7 PCIe Gen5 NVMe SSDs are now validated to run on HPE ProLiant Gen11 servers, Alletra 4000 systems, and Synergy 480 Gen11 nodes

ASUS RS700-E11-RS12U Review A New 1U Intel Xeon Sapphire Rapids Server

In our ASUS RS700-E11-RS12U review, we see how this new 1U dual Intel Xeon Scalable server performs and all of the functionality it packs

PCIe Lanes and Bandwidth Increase Over a Decade for Intel Xeon...

We chart the PCIe lane counts (per socket) for mainstream dual socket servers between 2013 and 2023 to see the key industry trends

2022-2023 M.2 NVMe SSD Test Bench Update

We take a look at the 2022-2023 M.2 NVMe SSD test bench and see how and why we are updating the platform we test M.2 SSDs with

AMD Ryzen 7000 Series Platform Overview

In our AMD Ryzen 7000 series platform overview, we discuss the new Zen 4 IO die, the new socket AM5, and AMD's new supporting chipsets

Silicon Motion MonTitan SM8366 PCIe Gen5 Controller at FMS 2022

At FMS 2022, we saw the Silicon Motion SM8366 PCIe Gen5 NVMe SSD controller on display with different form factors and types of NAND

AMD 400G Adaptive Exotic SmartNIC Architecture at HC34

The new AMD 400G Adaptive "Exotic" SmartNIC architecture was detailed at HC34 for the PCIe Gen5 and CXL 2.0 era

Samsung PB SSD at 128TB for 60PB All-flash Racks

The Samsung PB SSD is a QLC SSD that uses ZNS to achieve 128TB per drive and 60PB per rack. Samsung also showed a next-gen server in the demo

Next-Gen Supermicro SSG-121P-NES24R 1U 24-bay NVMe at FMS 2022

At FMS 2022, we saw the Intel Sapphire Rapids generation Supermicro SSG-121P-NES24R with 24x EDSFF PCIe Gen5 slots, MCIO connectors, and more