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Netgate 8200 New 10GbE and 2.5GbE Firewall Appliance Launched

The new Netgate 8200 platform includes an Atom C3000 "Refresh" processor, more RAM, 10GbE, 1GbE, and new 2.5GbE networking for pfSense Plus

Netgate 4100 pfSense Plus Router-Firewall-VPN Appliance Review

In our Netgate 4100 review, we see what this pfSense Plus-based router, firewall, VPN box and more offers including Intel QAT support

Netgate 4100 Quick Look at pfSense Plus Hardware

We now have a Netgate 4100 that we will be reviewing since we had reader feedback that they wanted to see the official appliances

Netgate 6100 Firewall Appliance Launched for pfSense Plus

The new Netgate 6100 firewall appliance is out designed around offering 10GbE and 10GbE connectivity for pfSense Plus

pfSense adding WireGuard VPN and pfSense Plus

Netgate is announcing WireGuard VPN for pfSense in the upcoming pfSense 2.5 as well as a new pfSense Plus edition

Netgate SG-2100 pfSense Router and Firewall Review

In our Netgate SG-2100 pfSense router and firewall review, we see how this $299 device performs and what makes it a unique solution

Netgate TNSR New Licensing Model and Gets A Trial Edition

Netgate TNSR has a dramatic license model overhaul and a new Home+Lab version to trial a high-performance solution from the makers of pfSense

Building a Lab Part 2 Building Our Network

In part 2 of our Building a Lab series, we take a look at the network setup used to build our lab. We also discuss challenges and what can be done better

Building a Lab Part 1 Planning with TrueNAS and VMWare ESXi

In part 1 of our Building a Lab series, we discuss planning aspects using pfSense, TrueNAS, VMWare ESXi and low-cost hardware platforms

Netgate Offering Free pfSense VPN Relief for Remote Working

Netgate is adjusting its support policies to help organizations deal with a transition to remote work including helping setup free VPN solutions on pfSense