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May 3, 2012

Gigabyte Server Motherboard IPMI Walkthrough – Part 2

This piece is the second part of the series walking through the Gigabyte server motherboard IPMI 2.0 remote management features powered by Avocent. In the Gigabyte Server Motherboard IPMI Walkthrough – Part 1 piece, we looked at features such as the network, user authentication and other setup areas around the Avocent MergePoint solution used by Gigabyte including the GA-7PESH1 Dual Intel Xeon E5 Motherboard that was recently reviewed on STH. In this piece, we are going to look at the features around sensor monitoring as well as features such as KVM-over-IP and remotely mounting disk images. Let’s take a look.

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April 19, 2012

Gigabyte Server Motherboard IPMI Walkthrough – Part 1

Gigabyte has released their new Intel Xeon E5 series server motherboards recently. As most server vendors do, Gigabyte has a IPMI 2.0 interface for the new LGA 2011 motherboards. After looking at both the Supermicro IPMI web management interface and the Tyan IPMI web GUI, I wanted to give a quick tour of the Gigabyte IPMI 2.0 web management implementation. Gigabyte uses a different web management solution versus what one gets from Supermicro, Intel and Tyan. Those three typically use the MegaRAC interface and then add customizations on top of that. Gigabyte went with the Avocent MergePoint solution which Dell also uses on PowerEdge servers. I am breaking this into two parts because [...]

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February 14, 2012

ASUS P9X79 WS X79 LGA 2011 Sandy Bridge-E Workstation Motherboard Review

Today we are looking at the ASUS P9X79 WS which is a workstation motherboard built around Intel’s X79 chipset and the LGA 2011 Sandy Bridge-E processors. Unlike the previously reviewed ASUS P9X79, this is a higher-end part, with a lot more functionality built-in. Unlike the base model, the ASUS P9X79 WS contains workstation-centric features such as additional PCIe slots and dual Intel network controllers that provide a lot of extra versatility. All of this versatility does mandate that the ASUS P9X79 WS is a big board measuring up to SSI CEB size specs. In this review, we will look at some of the features that make the board unique.

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January 10, 2012

Supermicro X7SPA-HF-D525 & X7SPE-HF-D525 Atom Server Motherboard Review

The Supermicro X7SPA-HF-D525 and Supermicro X7SPE-HF-D525 boards reviewed today are somewhat unique, and let’s face it; fairly expensive Intel Atom based boards. Both boards are centered around an Intel Atom D525 dual core 1.8GHz chip that can handle up to four threads through Hyper-Threading. While an Atom D525 is a fairly standard part, especially when it comes to low power PC’s, Supermicro has done a lot to turn these boards into something suitable for server use.

For those wondering, the reason I am doing a split review here is because the X7SPA-HF-D525 and X7SPE-HF-D525 are both very similar boards. The “A” version is a standard mITX size board [...]

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