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Kubernetes 1.11 Released with CoreDNS and IPVS Load Balancing

Kuberenetes 1.11 is our with CoreDNS and IPVS load balancing hitting GA for the popular container orchestration and management platform

Red Hat buys CoreOS in kubernetes container ecosystem play

Red Hat buys CoreOS for $250 million in a major kubernetes container ecosystem play by picking up one of the leading orchestration solutions for enterprises

Kubernetes Wins! Docker Acquiesces and Adopts Kubernetes

The container orchestration wars are essentially over today as Docker announces that it will support Kubernetes going forward dealing a major blow to Swarm

Rancher 2.0 is Full Steam Ahead on Kubernetes

Rancher Labs just released the Rancher 2.0 Tech Preview which has been rebuilt on Kubernetes. That is a clear endorsement for the orchestration technology