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Marvell Acquiring Innovium for High-End Switch ASIC

We have covered Innovium's high-end switch ASICs for years. Now we hear Marvell is acquiring Innovium to bolster its data center networking

Innovium TERACertified Switch Solutions Ease White Box Networking

Innovium TERACertified switch solutions seek to make white box networking easier with switches, optics, and DACs validated with SONiC

Inside an Innovium Teralynx 7-based 32x 400GbE Switch

We take a look at a 32x 400GbE switch based on the Innovium Teralynx 7 ASIC. This is the class of switch hyper-scalers are deploying today

Innovium Raises $170M in Funding for Switch Chip Play

With a new $170M round of funding, Innovium surpasses a $1B valuation for a network silicon startup to take on Broadcom in the switch space

Innovium TERALYNX 8 25.6Tbps Switch Chip Launched

The Innovium TERALYNX 8 is a 7nm 25.6Tbps switch chip that looks to provide the benefits of Broadcom Tomahawk and Trident without the drawbacks

Innovium TERALYNX 5 6.4Tbps Switch Chip Launched

Sporting up to 6.4Tbps of capacity, the Innovium TERALYNX 5 switch chip is designed to bring the company's low latency programmable solution to the edge