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Leadtek Winfast GT 640 Server GPU Low Profile HTPC Preview

Today, we are taking a look at the Leadtek Winfast GT 640 Server GPU. It features a low-profile GPU which users may be interested...

Antec ISK-110 VESA Mount mITX Case with 90w Power Supply Review

The Antec ISK-110 VESA mount is a mini ITX case that comes with an internal, fan less 90w power supply. I recently was looking...

How to Install an Apple Magic Trackpad in Windows 7

When building my latest HTPC, I decided that I would want to use the Apple Magic Trackpad as the mouse. The Magic Trackpad is...

ASUS P8H67-M EVO Sandy Bridge LGA 1155 Motherboard mATX Review

The ASUS P8H67-M EVO is a very interesting board with a lot of features for the HTPC enthusiast. Based on the H67 chipset, the...

Apex MI-100 mITX HTPC Case Review

Many of this site's readers have large storage requirements due to a focus on centralizing redundant storage for multiple client PCs. One common scenario...

Intel BOXDH57JG H57 mini ITX Motherboard Review

Although Intel's Atom CPUs have made a splash in the mini ITX space, many users prefer the small form factor yet want more computing...

Supermicro X8SIL-F Motherboard Review

The Supermicro X8SIL-F motherboard is an excellent board for home and small business servers. When building a file server built upon Windows Home Server...

Intel Core i5-650 v. Atom N330/ NVIDA ION Review

Intel's Clarkdale and H55/ H57 platforms are quite intriguing for several reasons. First, the performance is fairly good starting at 2.93ghz, and with hyperthreading,...