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Rumor on the Street Intel Gaudi2 Getting an AI Accelerator Super...

Rumor has it there is an AI supercluster being built around the Intel Gaudi2 AI accelerator that is massive in scale

Intel Habana Greco AI Inference PCIe Card at Vision 2022

The Intel Habana Greco is the company's new AI inference accelerator in a low-profile PCIe card with massive generational improvements

The 2022-2023 Intel Data Center Chips First-Look

We show Intel's next-gen 2022-2023 data center chips in a video and have special guests for Sapphire Rapids, Ponte Vecchio, and OneAPI

Intel Habana Gaudi2 Launched for Lower-Cost AI Training

Intel Gaudi2 is the new AI training chip from the Habana Labs acquisition that offers a massive jump in terms of compute and memory specs