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Facebook Meta Grand Teton 8x NVIDIA H100 Platform Cover

This is the Meta Grand Teton 8x NVIDIA H100 AI Machine

The Meta Grand Teton is the company's latest AI training platform with more network bandwidth, OCP NIC 3.0, EDSFF storage, and 8x NVIDIA H100

Meta RSC Selects NVIDIA and Pure Storage for AI Research Cluster

The new Meta Research SuperCluster or RSC shows big wins for NVIDIA and Pure Storage. We get into some of the hardware and implications

Facebook Meta AMD EPYC North Dome CPU and Platform Details

Details on the big AMD EPYC win at Facebook-Meta were shown with the 36C 95W TDP EPYC in the North Dome OCP platform

Facebook Leveraging EDSFF E1.S 25mm in Yosemite V3

Facebook is leveraging EDSFF E1.S 25mm SSDs in its Yosemite V3 platform which allows it to cool higher capacities and SCM in the OCP chassis

Marvell Bravera SC5 offers 2M IOPS and 14GBps in a PCIe...

The new Marvell Bravera SC5 SSD controller offers 2M IOPS and 14GBps in a PCIe Gen5 SSD powering 2022 NVMe SSDs

New Intel Xeon Platinum 8321HC 26C 88W TDP 1P Xeon D...

We have details on the Intel Xeon Platinum 8321HC bringing 26 core Cooper Lake to a paltry 88W TDP for Facebook Yosemite V3 type deployment

Kioxia XD6 EDSFF PCIe Gen4 NVMe SSDs for Next-Gen Cloud Storage

The Kioxia XD6 next-gen EDSFF NVMe SSDs bring PCIe Gen4 speeds with a big hyper-scale win for the line as it ramps to next-year's servers

Facebook Introduces Next-Gen Cooper Lake Intel Xeon Platforms

We take a look at new Facebook OCP servers with Sonora Pass, Yosemite V3, and Delta lake to see the impact of using the next-gen Cooper Lake Xeon CPUs

Our Take on the Supermicro Green DC Push in 2019

Wit the second annual Supermicro Data Centers and the Environment Report's release, we wanted to share a few thoughts on the survey findings

10nm Intel NNP I-1000 M.2 is Perhaps Facebook Inferencing Plan

Intel discussed its new M.2 inferencing card at the OCP Summit 2019. We found a module that may be designed to deploy up to twelve Intel NNP I-1000 modules