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Facebook Glacier Point V2 Cover

10nm Intel NNP I-1000 M.2 is Perhaps Facebook Inferencing Plan

Intel discussed its new M.2 inferencing card at the OCP Summit 2019. We found a module that may be designed to deploy up to twelve Intel NNP I-1000 modules
Intel Nervana NNP L 1000 OAM Cover

Intel Nervana NNP L-1000 OAM and System Topology a Threat to...

We share details of the Intel Nervana NNP L-1000 OAM and the company's system topology which is a clear threat to NVIDIA Tesla and DGX-2 products
Facebook Zion

Facebook Zion Accelerator Platform for OAM

We look at the Facebook Zion accelerator platform with 8x OCP Accelerator Modules and 4x dual socket servers for deep learning and AI applications

Facebook Minipack Switch Partnering with Edgecore and Cumulus

A look at the Facebook Minipack 100GbE switch design sold by Edgecore and how it is supported by Cumulus and Arista has an EOS version as well
Facebook OCP Accelerator Module OAM Announcement

Facebook OCP Accelerator Module OAM Launched

At OCP Summit 2019, Facebook launched the OCP Accelerator Module or OAM designed for accelerators from multiple companies to plug into servers

Intel CXL Compute Express Link Interconnect Announced

Intel CXL announced with a small set of partners. The Compute Express Link Interconnect release seems to signal Intel is getting closer to Gen-Z adoption

Twin Lakes Intel Xeon D-2100 Platform Powering Facebook

We take a look at the Intel Xeon D-2100 series OCP Twin Lakes platform powering Facebook. The cartridges feature 18 core Intel Xeon D-2191 SoCs, multi-host adapter networking, flexible and m.2 storage. We even found a water cooled version of the Xeon D server node

Facebook Fabric Aggregator at OCP Summit 2018

Facebook shows off and donates its 100GbE central switching design. The Facebook Fabric Aggregator is a scalable architecture to handle massive traffic. It is also calling for the end of pluggable optics with the 400GbE generation

Facebook at Open Compute Summit 2017 – 7.5 Quadrillion Web Server...

Facebook kicked off its OCP 2017 with a huge figure, its web servers process 7.5 quadrillion instructions per second. It also showed off new hardware