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Sabrent EC-TFNB EC-NVME and EC-WPNE M.2 NVMe to USB Type-C Review

We review a trio of M.2 NVMe SSD to USB Type-C 10Gbps enclosures the Sabrent EC-TFNB, EC-NVME, and EC-WPNE to see what they have to offer

LSI 9207 and 9217 HBAs w/ SAS2308 6Gb/s SAS & SATA...

With all the PCI Express 3.0 capable motherboards being released lately both on the Intel Xeon E5 and Xeon E3 series sides, it's time...

Internal or External Hard Drives: Are Warranties Worth the Cost?

Internal hard drives usually carry a manufacturer’s warranty, commonly three years. Personally, I believe that after three years, one wants to replace drives due...

Hyper-V Networking and Virtual Switches Overview

Microsoft Hyper-V, which is a very common virtualization platform for Windows based servers especially with the Windows Server 2008 R2 role, utilizes a different...