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E1 and E3 EDSFF to Take Over from M.2 and 2.5...

We take a look at the E1 and E3 EDSFF form factors poised to take over in the data center from M.2 and 2.5in in the next generation

Facebook Leveraging EDSFF E1.S 25mm in Yosemite V3

Facebook is leveraging EDSFF E1.S 25mm SSDs in its Yosemite V3 platform which allows it to cool higher capacities and SCM in the OCP chassis

Discussing Next-Gen OCP NVMeoF Solution with Inspur

We discuss the next-gen OCP NVMeoF solution based on an Inspur NF5180M6 server that provides ES.1 PCIe Gen4 connectivity for future Xeons